Apple sparked the debate by making the decision to remove the battery charger from the box along with its new iPhone 12. Opinions were divided, but what is certain is that other brands have followed suit and so are they remove this accessory from the box.

Thus, we would like to know if you agree that the new smartphones no longer have a charger in the box.

Do you agree that the new smartphones do not bring loaded in the box?

The new ones iPhone 12 Apple no longer bring charger in the box. This decision by the Cupertino company concerns environmental issues. In other words, by removing these components, which millions of users already have in their homes, the use of materials and processes that are aggressive to the environment is thus avoided.

Anyway, not all consumers liked the idea, especially those who bought an iPhone for the first time and, therefore, had no compatible accessory at home to charge the battery of the new phone. But other users applauded the idea, recognizing that the chargers in the box only contribute to a superfluous pile of these accessories.

With this decision by Apple, there were some rival brands that enjoyed the situation, such as Samsung. However, the South Korean manufacturer should also remove this accessory from the box of its next flagship Galaxy S21.

Xiaomi also followed this trend by launching its new Mi 11 without a charger in the box. However, according to the Chinese brand, only 6% of the 350 thousand sales of this smartphone went to the ecological version "Green Edition", which comes without the accessory.

So tell us if you agree with the end of the chargers for the new smartphones.

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