DJI, the well-known drone maker, is one of 78 Chinese companies that become part of the “black list” of the Donald Trump government, preventing it from doing business with US companies and using technology produced in the United States

According to Department of Commerce from the United States, DJI was placed on the list as an accomplice to “large-scale human rights abuses in China” through “high-tech surveillance” techniques. Still in March, Bloomberg had advanced that the drones produced by the company are being used to monitor the Uighur community in Xinjian province.

In addition, the Commerce Department argues that DJI, as well as AGCU Scientech, China National Scientific Instruments and Materials and the Kuang-Chi Group, “facilitated the export of Chinese equipment to repressive regimes around the world.”

In response, DJI said in a statement to the international press that, although it is disappointed with the decision of the American government, consumers in the United States will be able to continue to buy and use the drones it produces.

Earlier this year, the United States Department of the Interior was planning to suspend the use of a fleet of nearly 1,000 drones after determining that there was a high risk of spying by the Chinese government.

In October 2019, the Department temporarily suspended the use of about 810 drones that had been made in China or that contained Chinese components until a complete analysis of their security risks was carried out. In 2017, the US Army issued a directive banning the use of drones produced by DJI.

In addition to DJI, SMIC, the largest Chinese semiconductor manufacturer, officially listed on the “black list” from the United States on December 18, following an assessment by the Trump Administration that determined that the equipment developed by the company can be used for military purposes by the Chinese government. There is also a possibility that SMIC could also be placed on the list of companies with links to the Chinese army.

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