Apple M1 processors are a good reason to upgrade your Mac. However, you may need your entire software park to be compatible with Apple’s new architecture. Will it make the jump, will all of your applications work?

The good news is that if your applications or games are not compatible, they will continue to function in a virtualized way thanks to Rosetta tool. However, if you want to know which are all compatible applications, you can use several services that we show today.

Image of MacBook Pro with Apple M1 processor

Is the Apple silicon ready?

Apple revolutionized the concept of computers with the Apple M1, the new chip for the Mac. If you are thinking of buying one, before making the leap, the Californian company asks users to check if the applications they use are compatible.

One of the options to see if there is compatibility in the software is to visit the website Is the Apple silicon ready?. This database will help answer the question if the games and applications you use on your Mac with an Intel processor will work correctly on your Mac with Apple Silicon M1.

Some programmers have announced that they will make the leap as soon as possible, others have already done so and another group is still silent.

Image of tool to see compatibility with Apple M1

iMazing Silicon: Find compatible apps on your current Mac

There is a very interesting app that allows you to search your Mac and validate that the software you have is compatible with the architecture of the M1.

iMazing Silicon validates all the software you find on the Mac and gives some information about the applications. The software was made especially to detect apps that offer (or not) native support for Apple Silicon.

iMobie M1 App Checker

Although the previous suggestions already help a lot, you can still take advantage of the iMovie app. Thus, this tool has two sides of the coin. One is the apps available in an online database, and the other is your own applications.

For this you can download the software and install it on your Mac. Therefore, with the app on the machine, work is more directed and the information will be given according to the compatibility found.

The software is free, does not need any registration and remains updated, taking into account the evolution of the park and apps.

As can be seen, the list is divided into Mac applications that run on Apple M1 processors, and iPhone or iPad apps that can now be installed and run on the new Mac with Apple M1.

So, when using a piece of technology that will revolutionize the personal computer market, find out if your work or entertainment software is compatible.

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