In addition to offering a myriad of free applications, Google and Apple’s digital stores also have “tassels” for a limited time and, to help you find new apps to try, SAPO TEK has compiled some of the best proposals of the week .

Regarding the Play Store, we bring you five game suggestions: from a space-inspired Shoot’em Up and RPGs where felines take on the role of protagonists. The App Store’s proposals are also marked by games, as well as two applications to give your photos an even more special touch.

It should be remembered that, for the most part, the applications we present have a free period of about 5 days. However, others can count on a little more limited time: so enjoy them as soon as possible.

Discover the “tassels” of the Play Store

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter (Premium) – Original price – 0.99 euros

Are you a fan of space-inspired Shoot’em Up games? Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter puts you in control of a lonely ship whose mission is to protect the Earth from aliens. To start annihilating your opponents, all you need to do is touch the screen, dodging their attacks.

As you progress through the game’s 160 levels and collect various items, you have the possibility to improve the power of the ship and improve the available weapons. If you’re not a fan of solo adventures, you can always opt for multiplayer.

Cat in the Woods VIP – Original price – 1.49 euros

In the Premium version of Cat in the Woods, the player is taken to a mysterious forest inhabited by cats and other adorable animals. Everything seems to be going well until, during the night, a group of humans disturb the peace, in an attempt to dominate the forest.

The objective is to help Digi, the feline leader, to protect the forest and its inhabitants. To gain new skills and powers, you will have to engage in various activities, such as destroying weeds. By forming a successful alliance with Digi, managing to defeat the hordes of humans, he also gains the possibility to decorate the forest to his liking.

Cat town (Tap RPG) – Premium – Original price – 2.49 euros

The madness of cats continues in Cat Town, a “clicker RPG” where little cats gain a prominent place. In the game you will have to help them find a place to live, equipping them to respond to their needs, without forgetting their favorite toys.

But in order to prepare a cozy home for so many cats, you will have to click on toys to earn coins, which will be used later to buy everything they need. In all, there are 200 species of cats that you can “collect”, with the possibility of training them to do different feats, such as hunting fish.

Dot Heroes III – Keep the Castle VIP Edition – Original price – 1.89 euros

In the third chapter of the Dot Heroes game series, the monsters have invaded a small town and it is up to you and your “helpers” to defeat them and prevent them from taking over you. Through this VIP version of the game, you are entitled to receive a special bonus of 200 gems in order to purchase items, skills and powers.

As you fight successive rounds of evil creatures, you have the possibility to upgrade the skills of the game’s heroes, as well as “hide” mercenaries to catch monsters by surprise.

Every 10 rounds, your team will have to face a Boss and if a certain stage of the game is too complicated, you can always use Practice Mode to train your skills.

Tower of Farming – idle RPG (Soul Event) – Original price – 0.99 euros

Still in the scope of RPG games, Tower of Farming takes you to fight successive “waves” of enemies. At the helm of a team of four heroes, you’ll have to understand your best skills and powers, using them wisely against your opponents.

Standing in one place while fighting is out of the question and the game promises multiple dynamic combat sessions. There is a wide range of items and weapons to collect and, like the previous app, you also receive an initial bonus, this time of 3,000 “soul stones”.

Discover the “tassels” of the App Store

Drop The Chicken 2: Back to the Circus – Original price – $ 0.99

With more than 5.5 million players, the games in the Drop The Chicken series have become popular in the world of iOS titles, thanks to their “addictive” puzzles, full of challenges and with some “easter eggs” hidden.

Drop The Chicken 2: Back to the Circus “data-title =” Drop The Chicken 2: Back to the Circus – Discover 10 new “tassels” for a limited time at Google and Apple digital stores – SAPO Tek “> Drop The Chicken 2: Back to the Circus

In the second chapter of the series, the game’s protagonist, a chicken named Chuck, was captured by an evil monkey who is the leader of a circus. The goal is to help Chuck, devising a plan to free him and his “most of all”.

Throughout the game’s 100 levels, you’ll have to do countless acrobatics, jumps and even feats on trapezes and cannons, all while collecting insects and trying to avoid bombs, torches, lions and bears mounted on unicycles that appear along the way.

PXL – Mosaic Art – Original price – $ 1.99

Thinking of those who like to “give a show” with the photos they post on social networks, we bring you a proposal that promises to help you give a special touch to the images. Through PXL, you can transform your photos into artistic mosaics, then share them with family and friends on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram or by downloading and printing them.

PXL – Mosaic Art “data-title =” PXL – Mosaic Art – Discover 10 new “tassels” for a limited time at Google and Apple digital stores – SAPO Tek “> PXL - Mosaic Art

AR Devil: Dragon Shooter 3D – Original price – $ 0.99

As the name of the game suggests, AR Devil: Dragon Shooter 3D is a first-person shooter with an augmented reality twist. In it you have to defend the world against an army of demons.

AR Devil: Dragon Shooter 3D “data-title =” AR Devil: Dragon Shooter 3D – Discover 10 new “tassels” for a limited time at Google and Apple digital stores – SAPO Tek “> AR Devil: Dragon Shooter 3D

Although they have a “cute” look, don’t be fooled: the creatures really want to dominate the Earth and are not afraid to attack. If you have a compatible iPhone or iPad, you can dedicate yourself to fighting them wherever you are: in epic battles in your living room or while taking a walk.

The Endless Dungeon – Original price – $ 0.99

If you are a roguelike RPG enthusiast, The Endless Dungeon will pique your interest. There you can choose between three different classes (warrior, druid or sorcerer), and you can choose two unique talents. Throughout the game, you can venture out to discover different maps and to fight against different monsters and bosses.

AR Devil: Dragon Shooter 3D “data-title =” AR Devil: Dragon Shooter 3D – Discover 10 new “tassels” for a limited time at Google and Apple digital stores – SAPO Tek “> AR Devil: Dragon Shooter 3D

PicPro + Photo Editor – Original price – $ 0.99

Are you looking for a simple but effective image editor? Try PicPro +. In addition to allowing you to resize, crop and change the orientation of your photos, the application has filters, effects and virtual stickers to animate the images.

PicPro + Photo Editor “data-title =” PicPro + Photo Editor – Discover 10 new “tassels” for a limited time at Google and Apple digital stores – SAPO Tek “> PicPro + Photo Editor

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