As the first phase of the vaccination process against COVID-19 progresses in Portugal, after its official start on December 27 of last year, the National Health Service (SNS) now warns of the circulation of fraudulent messages that are to be sent on your behalf.

By your Twitter account, the SNS explains that if you receive a message like the one shown, you should ignore it. The fraudulent communication indicates that the user was supposedly selected by the entity for the first phase of the Vaccination Plan against COVID-19 and that “all the necessary data and information following the vaccine distribution calendar are attached”.

As you can see in the image shared by the SNS, the image reaches the recipient with grammatical errors and with an unusual format, different from the communications of the entity itself: presenting itself as two indicators that already imply that it is fraudulent.

Remember that users of the National Health Service will be contacted by SMS in order to indicate whether they want to be vaccinated.

Vaccination plan against COVID-19 “data-title =” Vaccination plan against COVID-19 – Did you receive a strange message about vaccination against COVID-19? Attention: SNS warns that it is false – SAPO Tek “> Vaccination plan against COVID-19

Users will be identified based on the list of Shared Services of the Ministry of Health (SPMS), which will be made available to Health Center Groups (ACES), and then contacted by SMS message for “checking of interest for vaccination COVID-19”. If you answer “yes”, the schedule is effective and the user will receive a new message with the date, time and location of the vaccination.

According Vaccination Plan against COVID-19, the first phase, which runs until March, targets only three priority groups, comprising health and critical service professionals, members of the armed and security forces, and residents of nursing homes or long-term care units.

From February, people over 50 and those with heart failure, coronary heart disease, kidney disease or chronic respiratory disease will be vaccinated.

The second phase begins in April and covers people over 65 who have not been vaccinated before, and between the ages of 50 and 64 with conditions such as diabetes, active malignancy or high blood pressure. Finally, the third phase, which begins on a date to be determined after the end of the second phase, covers the rest of the population.

To help clarify doubts, you can consult the website exclusively dedicated to the vaccination process and which will have periodic updates throughout 2021. Featured on the page designed by the Government in conjunction with the task force, the DGS and the SPMS if a simulation that the user can fill in to find out when he will be called by the NHS for vaccination.

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