When it launched Windows 10 in 2015, Microsoft decided to offer this update. Limited to everyone with Windows 7 or 8, this was a simple and completely free process, even for a limited time.

Over time, most took advantage of this offer, so as to have a recent system and with all the news presented. This was limited in time and would end after 1 year. Now, and at the end of 2020, this tassel from Microsoft is still available.

Windows 10 Microsoft tassel system update

Windows 10 update still available

Even free, the Windows 10 update was not consensual nor accepted by everyone. Many users ended up rejecting this offer from Microsoft, choosing to keep Windows 7, even though they knew that this operating system would soon lose its support.

The truth is that even after the year offered by Microsoft, upgrading to Windows 10 has continued to be possible, even though the software giant announces it clearly and directly. The entire process remains intact and functional, without any justification.

Windows 10 Microsoft tassel system update

Microsoft does not end this tassel

Every year this situation appears to be reviewed and, likewise, the process continues to remain open and available, without Microsoft changing it. Now it has been confirmed that the upgrade to Windows 10 can be done for free, even against what Microsoft says.

The process is simple and requires only that Windows 7 is still installed and in use. Within this system, they must access the download page Windows 10. Inside, you just need to choose the option to download the media creation tool.

Windows 10 Microsoft tassel system update

You can thus have a new and updated system

Then open that tool that you downloaded and proceed with the process. They must indicate that they want to update that PC and define whether they want to keep the files or a fresh installation. With the PC connected to the Internet, they must activate Windows 10. In case of failure, they can use the previous system key.

It is not known until when Microsoft will keep this tassel and whether it will be used in the future. However, and given that Windows 7 died, this is the best alternative to make the update expected and that many wanted.

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