State-of-the-art technology, one that we don’t even know exists, may have been used for years for military purposes and beyond. In fact, much of this technology only comes to our attention when it is already outdated. An example that is now made known is Capella-2. This is a technology developed by the company Capella Space. According to what has been made known, the system is able to penetrate not only the clouds, but also the walls of the houses.

If you thought that inside doors you were “hidden” or protected from the eyes of others, know that even thousands of kilometers above your roof you can see what you do inside the house.

Spy satellite image that you can see through the walls of your home

You can run, but you can't hide in this world

The images generated are incredible and can give rise to well-founded fears. These technologies easily fall into the wrong hands and you never know what the “wrong” people can do with them. Capella-2 is a spy satellite that can not only penetrate the clouds, but also the walls of buildings.

The Capella Space system, a company that works with the same technology as NASA, is called the Synthetic Aperture Radar, in fact, the American space agency has been using this technology since the 1970s. It manages to obtain the data with powerful shots from radio signals towards a point of interest.

These signals then “illuminate” a target, collecting echoes from each pulse to create detailed images.

Radio waves are able to travel through walls, like cell phones and WiFi,

Explains the company.

Technology to be used for military purposes

Capella Space signed contracts not only with private entities, but with several government agencies, such as the United States Air Force. The satellite is capable of generating images with a resolution of 50 centimeters by 50 centimeters thanks to the Spotlight update. This allows for long exposures of up to 60 seconds in an area of ​​interest.

According is referred, by the company, the images are a visual representation of the radar data. So, with the latest satellite orbiting the Earth, whoever has control of this satellite and system can create high-resolution images from almost anywhere on our planet. Its capacity even allows to penetrate the walls of buildings.

So who is behind Capella-2, the spy satellite?

The company's CEO is Payam Banazadeh, a former NASA engineer. According to him, all the company has done is to help its customers through this lens. With these data, technology buyers are helped in decision making.

After launching our satellite prototype in late 2018, we developed our satellites with customer requirements in mind.

Said Payam Banazadeh.

The common commercial satellite is unable to peer through clouds or capture detailed images of points of interest at night. However, Capella uses SAR that can capture images regardless of weather or light conditions.

The company says it is working on the creation of a satellite constellation of 36 devices that, combined, can monitor 'anywhere in the world every hour'. The terrestrial software that allows the team to interact with the satellite in space has more than 850,000 lines of code and is deployed on 5 continents in remote locations and giant data centers.

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