Microsoft Themes is one of the most popular digital telecommuting platforms and Dell wants to make life easier for anyone who uses the company’s solution founded by Bill Gates. The technology giant will launch three monitors with a button entirely dedicated to Microsoft Teams. The models come to stores in the United States as early as February.

In a statement where it publishes several news for this year, Dell guarantees that it created the “first certified videoconferencing monitors for Microsoft Teams”. O certification program of USB audio and video equipment like webcams and headsets was announced last year.

What is the button for the three monitors for? With this solution it is possible to open the application to receive and make videoconferences, but the hands-free controls will also be supported through Cortana and a built-in microphone.

New Dell monitors launched in 2021 in the United States

Dell’s three new monitors

“data-title =” New Dell monitors launched in 2021 in the United States – Dell will launch first monitors with a direct access button to Microsoft Teams – SAPO Tek “> New Dell monitors launched in 2021 in the United States

Dell’s three new monitors

The Microsoft Teams button is the main surprise of the three monitors presented, but the company also bet on some useful specifications designed for those who are telecommuting. Each device includes a 5 MP pop-up infrared camera, which supports easy recognition with Windows Hello. Dell also included a noise-canceling microphone and two integrated 5-watt speakers. There is even an integrated way to reduce emissions of blue light, known for the possible impact it can have on users’ health.

The three monitors arrive in the United States on February 16. The 24-inch is the cheapest, costing $ 519.99, with the 27-inch reaching $ 719.99. The 34-inch curved monitor already exceeds $ 1,000.

Microsof Teams is the “ally” of many people in teleworking

On March 19, 2020, Microsoft revealed that Microsoft Teams gained more than 12 million users in a week. Faced with the popularity of the online platform and a world increasingly standardized with telecommuting, the technology giant has bet on various solutions to reduce stress and increase users’ productivity.

In July, the company revealed several new features, including Together Mode. which allows you to see all participants in a video conference. Microsoft concluded that virtual meetings tend to be more tiring than face-to-face, so this broad view not only allows the user to have a more real sense of who is speaking and their body language, but eliminates the need to manually switch between windows to view each stakeholder.

In September, the technological giant of Redmond announced new tools to improve mental health. The features want to help organize the information and address possible cases of exhaustion with tips and meditation

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