The best options in youth tariffs

DECO Proteste analyzed the telecommunications plans proposed by the various operators taking into account two user profiles – one with less and the other with more than 25 years old – with a common use of your smartphone. Both use chat apps and social networks like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Messenger, Snapchat and WhatsApp, but they also use popular streaming and video applications such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Vimeo, YouTube and Twitch.

Rates for young people under 25

The best option for young people under the age of 25 is the WTF 1 GB tariff, from Nos, if you pay monthly and not weekly. Paying a week becomes a little more expensive and costs the same as other telecommunications operators. For 11.80 per month, it meets the needs of the youngest user, taking into account that social networking applications, music (such as Spotify or Apple Music) and video (YouTube and Netfix, for example) are included and, therefore, you need to spend more mobile data.

There is, however, a usage limit of 15 GB for communication apps (WhatsApp or Messenger, for example) and music streaming (like Spotify or Apple Music) and 5 GB for video apps (for example, YouTube , Netflix, HBO or Vimeo). These ceilings are furthermore limited by the general data ceiling. That is, if the global data traffic exceeds 1 GB, the young person will no longer be able to use the 15 GB and 5 GB provided, respectively, for social networking / chat and video apps. This practice is currently applied in all tariffs with included apps and is criticized since it was implemented. The tariff also includes one thousand minutes for phone calls, MMS or video calls to all networks and free SMS without limit indication.

Rates for young people over 25

For older people, an alternative is to use Nowo’s postpaid tariffs with 24-month loyalty (without apps included). These plans start at 10 euros per month for a 2 GB ceiling (the option of 1 GB, for 7.50 euros, should be insufficient for this profile). Another option is tariffs without loyalty Lycamobile Lyca Nacional M 5GB – with a data limit of 5 GB (from 15 euros) -, Vodafone You or Nos Like, the latter much more expensive – the version with communication apps (chat ) and included social networks (but without video apps) costs € 19.55 per month.

If you already have a mobile phone package, you always have the chance, for an additional 13.90 per month, to buy an extra card with a data ceiling that can be over 5 GB (depending on what is included in the package).

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