How does human intelligence work? It is to try to understand that the Champalimaud Foundation scientists have developed a game that will serve to map human intelligence.

The game is based on a series of puzzles, with little information and gradual levels of difficulty, and has been available since the beginning of December 2020 for Android and iOS. It is called hexxed and can be seen as a challenge to overcome.

“We designed this game to be simple enough to study scientifically, but complex to challenge the mental capabilities of human players. And now we want to gather data from tens of thousands of players like you. Why? Why map the creative momentum that intelligence feed requires many repeated observations. Each of you comes to the game with a unique story and trends, which means that you can interpret the game in very different and fluid ways. However, based on our work in the laboratory, we believe that the similarities between the players will overcome the differences, allowing us to map an intelligent game territory and see how people move through it “, explained in the game information.

The app follows a global trend of what is called citizen science games, since while playing people can contribute to help scientific discoveries, with the advantage of leaving the laboratories and reaching ordinary people.

Hexxed can be downloaded for free from the store Google Play for Android devices and the IOS App Store.

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