Considered one of the biggest releases in recent years, Cyberpunk 2077 sold, on pre-orders, 8 million copies of the game and a turnover of 50 million, making it profitable from day one. The problem is that the CD Projekt RED game was released full of problems, in terms of general performance and several bugs, in which the console versions were the most affected. Between an apology to his fans and the promise to continue working to correct the experience, the most dissatisfied fans were given the possibility to return the game with a refund.

Sony did not like the current state of the game and its users’ dissatisfaction and removed Cyberpunk 2077 from its PSN digital store. Microsoft also has an active return program of this title, and despite not having removed it from its digital store, it put the information that users may experience performance problems when they are playing on the Xbox One console, until it is improved and updated.

In a kind of race against time, mainly to mitigate the experience of the players who bought and preferred to keep their copy, CD Projekt RED has a roadmap of deep updates planned for the coming months. Until then, “hotfixes” are being made, which are urgent corrections to keep the game more stable.

Version 1.05 is now available, both for PC and consoles. THE fix list it is extensive and includes improvements to the game’s own quests, sometimes preventing players from advancing in the story. The update also made the gameplay more fluid, having improved the general reaction of enemies to hide under cover. AI has been widely criticized, one of the points that the studio is focusing on.

Then there are corrections to the visuals, interface problems, effects and even the characters that often remained in the “T” position, with open arms. In the list you can also find lists of patches directed to specific PC and console versions.

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