This is a long-awaited moment. Cyberpunk 2077, the new game from CD Projekt, announced in the distant year of 2012, has finally reached the hands of players from all over the world. Thus, all these expectations were created, because the studios in question were also responsible for one of the best RPGs ever: The Witcher 3.

Pplware has already tried Cyberpunk 2077. So stay with our analysis of the long awaited new game from CD Projekt.

Cyberpunk 2077 Review

One of the most anticipated games of the year has arrived. Through the hands of the CD Projekt, was released in the middle of December, Cyberpunk 2077.

The high anticipation for this game is easy to explain, whether or not CD Projekt were responsible for adapting The Witcher to the world of video games, with the games that originated there having achieved enormous commercial success and achieving the status of one of the best series of RPG that can be played.

However, if in The Witcher we had a medieval fantasy aspect, in Cyberpunk 2077 we have just the opposite. A futuristic universe, where cybernetic implants are the most common that exists in all sectors of society, but that does not avoid the problems that perpetuate in it.

Before launch, the Polish company promised an ambitious game, a city with an unprecedented scale, fantastic graphics, immersive gameplay and a narrative where our choices would have an impact on the story, as it was possible to experience in The Witcher 3.

In Cyberpunk 2077 we will take on the role of V - Vincent or Valerie, a completely customizable character from head to toe.

The first choice to make is the background of V. You can choose between: Nomad, Corporate or Street Kid, and this choice influences the initial mission of the game.

For example, when choosing Nomad we will start on the outskirts of Night City, where we will have to help someone to bring contraband into the city. Regardless of your choice of background, there is a constant in the missions, which is meeting Jackie Welles, who will eventually become V.'s best friend.

On another mission, with Jackie's help, we will have to rob a hotel penthouse in order to steal a relic from Yorinobu Arasaka, the heir to the Arasaka corporation. As you might expect, things go awry and to save the relic, a biochip, V inserts it into his own mental unit.

This is where things start to go wrong for our character, as this bioship has the mind of Johnny Silverhand - played by actor Keanu Reeves, a revolutionary musician who tried in the past to destroy the Arasaka corporation.

With the bioship on his head, V is able to communicate with Johnny mentally and even experience moments lived by him. There is only one small problem, the two minds start to collide and the bioship cannot be removed, or both die.

The story is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the game. It is quite captivating, original enough and with a few twists to the mix, in addition it is very well aided by a diverse set of interesting characters, which we get to know along the way, either in the main missions or in the secondary missions.

Unlike The Witcher, the gameplay of Cyberpunk 2077 is made in the first person, this being the first game that CD Projekt launches in this perspective and this is something that is noticeable in the first confrontation with firearms.

Even after configuring the analogue sensitivity in the advanced options, I was never able to get the feeling of complete control when aiming and shooting, so my type of game has converged more towards a stealthy approach using the cyber arsenal at my disposal.

The game is an open world, and Night City, the city where the game takes place is absolutely fantastic, and the futuristic aspect of a metropolis has been achieved perfectly. It is addictive to explore the corners of the city, do random missions, evolve our skills and acquire new cybernetic implants.

There are three different categories that we can go up with the activities we do: street reputation, skills and attributes.

The street reputation will unlock new side missions, vendors and cybernetic implants that we can acquire, it is completely optional, but the best implants are only unlocked with a high level of reputation. These implants can change our resistance level, regenerate life, make bigger leaps, etc.

Skill levels and attributes are the classic of any RPG. Attribute points go up according to our gameplay, that is, if we use firearms, we will raise that attribute and earn points, which can be spent on the list of skills of any attribute.

The skill points provide gradual increases with each level we go up, in addition to unlock some options for conversation, hacking terminals, opening doors, etc.

The way a confrontation is approached depends entirely on the player. You can either take the most direct route, with a gun in your hand and kill everything in front of you, or explore alternative routes, create distractions, hack surveillance cameras to identify possible dangers, etc.

One of the biggest problems in the game is undoubtedly the artificial intelligence, which is very bad and you can question what the hell CD Projekt was thinking when he thought he was in conditions for the launch.

As an example, when we commit an offense, the police appear instantly a few meters from us, as if by magic, regardless of where we are. Another example is the drivers, if we stop our vehicle on the sidewalk, but if the wheels happen to be on the road, then we will create an authentic traffic queue. Yet another example, if an enemy detects us, all other enemies in the area automatically become alert.

The game's graphics alternate between fantastic and mediocre. Even ignoring visual bugs, like floating objects and the clipping, there are other elements that are impossible to miss, such as the NPC's models to be regenerated as soon as they retreat and re-enter the field of vision, the same happens for vehicles, which immensely breaks the immersion in the game.

Pop-in is also super aggressive and hard to ignore, as some glitches visuals in shadows that suddenly appear and disappear, and still one of the most ridiculous I've seen and that is a constant during the game, which are vehicles with only one of the lights on.

Some of the textures are also quite weak, the same can be said of the NPC's animations that only populate the game. A far cry from what was shown in the videos before the release.

On a more positive side, the city itself and especially at night is a visual spectacle, with lots of lights and reflections. The character models we can interact with are also quite good. The vehicles are also very good, both inside and outside.

Technically, the game is bad, this on Xbox One X. Truth be told, after this analysis, patch 1.06 is already available and has slightly improved performance.

Despite this, it is insufficient to have a pleasant gaming experience. The resolution is low, just above 1080p, which impairs the sharpness of the image, and the frames flicker each time there are too many objects on the screen.

Verdict of Ricardo Correia

Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that needed more development time, more polish and more consideration on the part of CD Projekt towards players who had an entire generation waiting for its release.

Of course, not everything is bad and if the less successful aspects that were mentioned do not bother you, then you can throw yourself into Cyberpunk 2077, since the missions and story are quite good and the gameplay has its good moments.

Cyberpunk 2077


  • Story
  • Diversified missions
  • The Night City


  • AI, or lack thereof
  • Console performance
  • Visual inconsistency

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