What is it that drives an online grocery store focused on healthy eating to close a partnership with Continente? According to Cuizeat co-founder João Cavaco, the desire to make life easier for families when planning their next meals and shopping.

It is that, from now on, it is possible to choose recipes on the Cuizeat online platform and ensure that all the necessary ingredients are automatically added to the shopping list. Users can then exchange products for organic alternatives, without gluten or compose a cart composed exclusively of articles from the Continente brand, for example.

It is possible to check the estimated price before proceeding to the Continente Online website, where the check out process will be completed. This is where you can choose the day and time the order will be delivered to your home.

«Integration with Continente Online will allow families to not only receive the ingredients for their recipes in a timely manner, but also add other supermarket products when they check out. Thus, we hope to provide our users with greater convenience in their purchasing processes, shorter delivery times and the competitive prices they already know about the Continente brand », comments João Cavaco.

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