A few more days and another record of the Bitcoin digital currency. The digital currency remains strong and on the 27th of December it reached 27 thousand dollars (22 thousand euros) … and it was expected that on this 30th of December the value would be 30 thousand dollars.

Despite not reaching 30 thousand dollars, the cryptocurrency reached a price of 28,572 dollars.

Bitcoin with new record! Does it reach 30 thousand dollars?

Bitcoin, currently considered the most used cryptocurrency worldwide, has today reached a new record. The cryptocurrency reached $ 28,572, but has already lost strength and is now slightly down.

The cryptocurrency reached $ 28,572, up from the previous high of $ 28,365 reached on Sunday.

According to Diego Morín, from IG, the sharp appreciation of the Bitcoin digital currency is mainly due to “the strong institutional demand and platforms such as Paypal, which allow cryptocurrencies to operate in North American territory”.

In October of this Paypal announced that it would trade the digital asset. The company said that by 2021 all of its 300 million merchants will be able to accept Bitcoin payments.

In addition, Morín continues, the appreciation of bitcoin in recent months "has generated great interest" on the part of banks. On December 16, the cryptocurrency surpassed the $ 20,000 threshold and for the first time reached $ 21,295.

From there, the cryptocurrency has not stopped rising, leveraged by the great managers of international funds. On December 17 this year, it reached $ 23,720 and two days later it surpassed the $ 24,000 barrier. On Saturday it approached $ 27,000 ($ 26,799 ”).

Despite the optimism, some Bitcoin experts warn potential buyers. "The story brings a warning to people who buy at the highest peak ever," market expert Glen Goodman told Forbes.

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