It was not so long ago that the Bitcoin cryptocurrency had hit a record high, passing just over $ 20,000. The digital currency remains strong and recently reached 27 thousand dollars (22 thousand euros), a new record with regard to its quotation.

Will this new record still be broken in 2020? It might be.

New Bitcoin Record: Cryptocurrency reached $ 27,000

Bitcoin appreciated 9.75% in the last 24 hours

This year alone, Bitcoin has appreciated more than 200%. Recall that in 2017 this digital currency was worth almost 20 thousand dollars. However, the following year, there was a huge drop to close to three thousand dollars. It was only in November of this year that the cryptocurrency managed to reach a new maximum, reaching $ 19,873.

The Bitcoin cryptocurrency has risen 9.75% in the past 24 hours and has surpassed the $ 27,000 mark for the first time in 11 years.

Despite the optimism, some Bitcoin experts warn potential buyers. "The story is a wake-up call for people who buy at the highest peak ever," market expert Glen Goodman told Forbes.

New Bitcoin Record: Cryptocurrency reached $ 27,000

This record having been broken this Sunday, the 27th, there is a “coincidence”…

  • 12/24: $ 24k
  • 12/25 $ 25K
  • 12/26 $ 26K
  • 12/27 $ 27k

It should be remembered that BitCoin started to appreciate in mid-April, driven by institutional investors who bet on digital assets as a store of value. In the past few days, several companies have announced the purchase of the digital currency of which Skybridge Capital (US $ 25 million), MassMutual (US $ 100 million) and Guggenheim (10% of its capital, MicroStrategy (US $ 650 million) ).

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