It is not always easy to “navigate” among the many rules imposed by containment measures, so a designer and a programmer joined forces to create the Clear Pandemic, a website where it presents itself in a simplified but complete way, useful information for those who want to be informed.

What time do stores close? Are the restaurants open? What time can I walk on the street? What are the limits of gatherings? These are some of the frequently asked questions for which you can find an answer on the website, and you can select your county of residence to check the specific rules in the area.

A calendar allows you to see, day by day, what is planned, not least because the rules change from December 23 and the state of the counties also changes when there are changes in the epidemiological situation and in the number of positive cases identified.

The site also has a testing area, with testing points in each municipality and contact information and type of service provided.

With the dissemination of the vaccination plan, an area of ​​information about vaccines is also available, with a small questionnaire that helps to identify the vaccination phase to which it belongs, according to age, profession or occupation and also the clinical situation and identified diseases. It is recalled that the vaccination plan provides for three phases with the segmentation of the population according to various criteria.

clear pandemic “data-title =” clear pandemic – COVID-19: What are the restrictions applied in your municipality for the next few days? – SAPO Tek “> clear pandemic

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