The numbers leave no marks for many doubts! Portugal has to confine it now, in order not to reach a huge catastrophe. In the last 24 hours, our country has again reached its peak in the number of deaths and also new cases.

Find out about the new measures for the new confinement that will be identical to that of March 2020. Watch live.

António Costa's press conference was scheduled for 4 pm. However, it was postponed to 18h. Regarding the impact on the economy, the Portuguese Prime Minister had already mentioned that Portugal has a defined “hierarchy of values” and “above all” is people's health.

Portugal enters “general” confinement as of midnight on Thursday.

Watch live ...

António Costa started by saying that we live in a moment with two feelings. One of hope, because we have the vaccine, but, on the other hand, a difficult time considering the latest figures. We must come together to stop this pandemic.

Portugal will return to the duty of home collection. All educational establishments will be maintained.

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