From the Indonesian indie studios Stairway Games, the colorful game Coral Island is under development, a title with some similarities to the well-known Farmville, but set on an island paradise.

Come and see what life is like on Coral Island.

In the words of the Stairway Games development team, this is a “A traditional farming sim game set on a tropical island“, Or in Portuguese,“A traditional farming game but set on a tropical island“.

In a superficial way, I believe that Coral Island will present some similarities to games like Farmville, Animal Crossing and The Sims.

Stairway Games' idea is to create a game, with a paradise island as a backdrop where the player will have many tasks to complete.

One of the main ones will be, as you may have already noticed, the cultivation of diverse plantations of horticulture and fruit products. Animal husbandry will also be possible. Nothing new, that is, a kind of tropical Farmville. Transforming a desert area into a successful farm will therefore be the main objective of the player.

The game also features a variety of characters with whom we can interact, either to learn a little more about the island's history, or to receive some items or help during our adventure.

There is a lot to do on Coral Island and one of the possible activities will be the discovery of caves that hide gems and precious stones. However, in these caves you can hide unpleasant surprises, so it will be better to take a weapon on these adventures and thus expect some type of combat.

However, it will not stop here and there will still be a more social inclination in the game, and even, the player can establish a family on the island.

However, Coral Island will still present a totally new mechanic that turns the game into a message of hope and ecological attention: diving in the corals.

Indeed, in Coral Island, the player can dive in the corals that surround the island and can even proceed to the protection and revitalization of those same corals. The message is clear: we must protect corals from all over the planet, as they are slowly dying and with them a lot of marine fauna.

According to those responsible for the game, enormous customization will be possible, both for our character and our home.

Coral Island will arrive on the PC in the last quarter of the year, and will have a Kickstarter campaign starting on February 1st.

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