The cyber attack on SolarWinds was one of the incidents that marked the year 2020, leading to a data leak from several federal agencies of the US government and compromising several companies, including FireEye, Microsoft, Intel, Nvidia and Cisco . Now new data shows that the consequences of the attack are worse than expected, increasing the number of victims to 250.

O The New York Times advances that the attackers, allegedly supported by Russia, will have exploited multiple layers of the production chain to infiltrate the systems of federal agencies and companies.

Apparently, the hackers also took advantage of the defects in the defense system of the Cyber ​​Command and the National Security Agency (NSA) and of focusing all attention on ensuring the security of the most recent US presidential elections.

The hackers may have orchestrated the entire attack from the United States, however, some parts of the software that were compromised in the incident originate in Eastern Europe, where Russian intelligence services are believed to have a strong presence.

Experts interviewed by the newspaper also point out that SolarWinds has a particularly worrying security “history”, making it an appealing “target” for cybercriminals.

While there are still no clear certainties as to the true extent of the attack, Microsoft has recently discovered that attackers have accessed its source code. However, the company clarifies in a statement, that hackers were unable to make changes to the data and that the intrusion does not jeopardize the security of their services or the information of their customers.

SolarWinds has more than 300,000 customers worldwide, on a list that includes entities such as the Pentagon, NASA, the United States National Security Agency or the country’s five largest telecommunications operators.

It is recalled that at the end of December last year, Donald Trump minimized the impact of the cyber attack, pointing to China as a possible perpetrator and contradicting the statements of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that had held Russia responsible.

On the one hand, Russia has denied its involvement in the incident, denying the news carried by the American press. On the other hand, the Chinese government has also defended itself, classifying the outgoing US president’s accusation as “a farce”.

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