Great news for the most nostalgic for Codemasters games. The Codemasters Collection 1 that will reach Evercade has recently been revealed.

Come and see what games are in this collection.

The Blaze Entertainment company, which owns the Evercade console, recently announced big news for lovers of retro games and Codemasters titles, more specifically.

This is because the Codemasters games that will be part of the Codemasters Collection 1 Cartridge en route to their gaming machine, Evercade, have been revealed. And be prepared that they are some of the heavyweights of the English company.

These are 17 games from the British company, fully licensed and that so many hours of pleasure and excitement have brought to millions of players around the world. And now they can be played on Evercade, the Blaze game machine that can be connected to television via HDMI.

We are talking about games like Sensible Soccer, Cannon Fodder, Linus Spacehead and others. There is still room for an unreleased edition of Tennis All-Stars.

These are games with many tens of years of life, so this collection will certainly be more targeted at older players. This is not to say that the youngest cannot discover how to appreciate these video game icons, but clearly that the greatest sentimental value of each of these titles is associated with who played them at the time they were released and on the respective platforms.

List of games from the Codemasters Collection 1

The launch of this collection will take place in the middle of 2021 and the list of games is as follows:

  • Sensible Soccer - International Edition
  • Cannon Fodder
  • Big Nose Freaks Out
  • Tennis All-Stars
  • Megalomania
  • Big Nose the Caveman
  • Cosmic Spacehead
  • Psycho Pinball
  • Bee 52
  • MiG 29 - Soviet Fighter
  • The Ultimate Stuntman
  • Super Skidmarks
  • Boomerang Kid
  • Linus Spacehead
  • CJ's Elephant Antics
  • F-16 Renegade
  • Stunt Buggies

This could be just the beginning, as Blaze has already shown its enthusiasm to bring more Codemasters 8 and 16 bit titles to its Evercade platform.

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