The application was launched to allow the identification documents to be saved in digital format on the mobile phone, but at the time it generated controversy because the authorities declared that they did not consider this presentation as having legal value. Now the Highway Code has this indication written.

The changes took effect on January 8 and include a series of modifications, including the increase in fines for using a mobile phone while driving, as SAPO TEK has already reported. There are also a series of definitions of dematerialization of processes, such as the possibility of using digital driving licenses, electronic counter-order notifications with voluntary adherence to the unique digital address, the dematerialization of psychological assessment certificates and electronic communications between the Forces and Security Services and the National Road Safety Authority, for the purpose of counter-national participation and statistical registration.

With the app, it is possible to store and present various identification cards, such as the Driving License, the Citizen Card and the ADSE card. Security is guaranteed through the Digital Mobile Key.

The application can be installed for free from the Apple App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android.

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