The technological proposals aimed at gamers are also highlighted on the CES 2021 virtual stage. In addition to Acer and Asus notebooks, monitors, such as LG’s curved screen prototype, and Intel processors, Razer took advantage of the greater United States technological fair to show the world a new concept of gaming chair marked by its futuristic design.

Code-named Project Brooklyn, the chair was designed to “redefine the meaning of total immersion”, explains Razer. The goal is to transform a simple chair into an authentic “entertainment station”, both for players who prefer consoles, and for those who are fans of PC video games.

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At the press of a button, the chair opens a 60-inch flexible OLED screen, which is stored on the back of its backrest, and is also equipped with a compact tray, which can be retracted on the armrests depending on use.

To feel all the action of video games, the chair has haptic modules in its structure capable of transmitting tactile feedback with almost no latency. Maintaining a proper posture while playing is also important and Razer has cushioned it to help gamers during the most intense gaming marathons.

Since Project Brooklyn is in the development phase, there is still no concrete date for its commercialization or details about its possible price.

At CES 2021, Razer also announced that it is developing what is said to be the smartest mask in the world. Although still a concept, the mask, whose design fits the futuristic style of the brand, will be able to filter 95% of the particles and is being created in collaboration with a team of experts to ensure that it meets the criteria of the Health authorities .

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