Razer claims to have made the smartest mask in the world. Project Hazel was presented at CES 2021 but, for now, it is just a concept.

This mask has a recycled plastic coating, waterproof and scratch resistant. The plastic is transparent to allow the reading of the lips and the display of facial expressions during conversations.

In addition, the presence of two circular modules around the mouth is also noted. These are used for ventilation purposes, filtering the incoming air and the CO2 leaving, but they also give the mask a futuristic look, very similar to a gas mask. The company guarantees that the final version will be able to filter 95% of the particles.

These fans can be changed and recharged and Razer says that users will be notified in a timely manner when this has to be done so that the filters remain effective. However, note that these are still being tested internally, as the technology cannot yet guarantee its longevity.

The mask also has microphones and amplifiers, so that the user’s voice is projected through it. To fine-tune this chapter, the company is working with THX engineers.

Razer guarantees that the mask is comfortable, despite all the technology present. For this, there is a silicone seal, which helps to fix the mask to the user’s face, as well as two adjustable straps.

Like most of the brand’s products, the mask also has Chroma RGB LEDs around the respirators, which glow in a color of the user’s choice. In addition, there is also an interior light that comes on when the mask detects that the user is in a dark environment, so that his mouth remains visible.

Note also that the mask comes with a charging box, which sterilizes it with ultraviolet lights.

Razer stresses that this is a N95 surgical mask, although it has not yet secured the necessary certifications to sell it as legitimate protection against COVID-19. Speaking to The Verge, the technology company said it was developing this model with a team of experts to make sure that the mask meets the authorities’ criteria.

It is also important to mention that there is still no price or launch date defined.

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