PlayStation 5 was released on November 19 and is one of the most desired consoles by gamers around the world.

But now this equipment will win a gold version at the hands of the Caviar company. And according to estimates, Sony’s lavishly customized console could cost more than $ 900,000.

Caviar is a Russian company known for launching personalized products with gold which, therefore, makes them luxurious but also much more expensive. The company recently launched a limited and extravagant version of the iPhone 12 Pro, putting it at $ 10,000.

And now the goal is to make the PS5 an ostentatious product.

PlayStation 5 covered with 20 kg of gold was announced by Caviar

Sony's PlayStation 5 was also the target of Caviar's eccentricities. The company announced now that it will give a special and luxurious treatment to the console, by creating a gold version.

This personalized model with a total of 20 kg of 18 carat gold is called the PS5 Golden Rock. According to the company:

Sony's fastest, most powerful and most advanced PlayStation 5 is definitely one of the best selling consoles. Caviar jewelers could not pass up such a luxurious and difficult-to-make gold version of the Playstation.

This difficulty that the brand mentions is in the fact that the console is not just coated with gold. But Caviar has also created a textured cover that adds volume to the console and gives it a rock-like look.

The DualSense remote will also undergo this eccentric customization. However, according to the images, Caviar will have coated the area of ​​the gold touchpad, which, therefore, will render its function unusable.

But certainly not everyone will buy this equipment with these characteristics, and should be purchased mainly by collectors. And although the company hasn't revealed the price, this PS5 Golden Rock is estimated to cost more than $ 900,000.

Whoever purchases this version will hardly use it to play, but should display it as an ostentatious object.

This is no longer the first time that the new Sony console has taken a 'golden bath'. A few months ago, the company Truly Exquisite also announced a 24-carat gold version that is expected to hit the market in 2021.

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