When we indicated here that Microprose was like that, reborn, we mentioned that one of the projects under development was precisely that of the return of Carrier Command.

Come to know a little of Carrier Command of this century.

I never tire of mentioning it and sometimes it seems like a recorded message, but the end of the last century, when Spectrums, Amigas, first PCs, started to appear ... it was a time of great discovery for many of us.

For players as well as, and especially for programmers, it was a time to break ground and start something. Something that we see today as one of the biggest businesses today.

It was a time when, for that very reason, the abundance of games was not as much as the current times, and some brands stood out for their adventurous spirit. Microprose was one of the most active publishers, with many (and good) titles released over the years: Falcon, F15 Strike Eagle, Silent Service, Gunship, Grand Prix, Civilization, B-17 The Mighty Eighth and X-COM.

Carrier Command was precisely one of those games!

Now, more than 30 years later, Microprose is back and Carrier Command is back…

The mission

In a futuristic world, humanity struggles for the few resources available on the planet. Both mineral resources and fossil fuels are precious and rare, and any nation will be willing to risk everything for them.

The discovery of a new Archipelago with an abundance of these resources attracts attention, as expected. Whoever arrives first and manages to keep them, will stay with them ...

The player's mission will, as you have already anticipated, be to command a military force to take over the islands of the archipelago. For this you will have at your disposal a very substantial force, such as, for example, an aircraft carrier with various types of aircraft, amphibious tanks, drones among other units ...

However, it will not be only in the struggle for the Archipelago and, whether it is AI or other human players, conflict becomes inevitable.

Strategy, Planning and Coordination

According to Microprose, Carrier Command 2 is a game that maintains its roots in its original 1988, that is, it is a strategy game that bases its gameplay on three essential pillars. Strategy, Planning and Coordination.

Running on quite large maps, the great mark of the game will be to base its dynamics on making effective decisions, that is, the player's decisions will be the center of the game's evolution and, if taken lightly, will bring consequences.


Carrier Command 2 will provide the player with a vast amount of armaments, vehicles and tools to carry out his missions.

In order to be able to plan an attack properly, it is advisable to establish a strategy first and for that, the player will have to use all the “tools” at his disposal.

For example, you will need to know how to take advantage of your ships' radar to collect information about targets and surrounding areas.

Based on this information, it will also be necessary to know how to choose the enemy's weak points properly and, thus, choose the appropriate weapons to target them where “it hurts the most”.

The approach to each situation is crucial to obtain a result.


As in any strategy game (and in real life), the planning phase is extremely important, as it is only by following a properly designed and analyzed plan that the objectives can be achieved.

The objective of the game is, similarly to the original game, the conquest of an archipelago composed of several islands. However, it will not be done all at once, and as such, the attack will have to be thought of as a dynamic and evolving action.

After conquering an island, the player will have to define some measures to take. This is because the enemy may want to recover what has already been his, and therefore, the strategic planning of the island's defense is extremely important. This includes, for example, the creation and maintenance of supply lines for our forces.


Such a scenario is a complex mission that involves several forces and with different specializations. Therefore, it is very important that they all know what to do, when to do it and how.

The coordination of the various forces in combat is crucial for achieving goals and the player will have to keep this in mind if he is to succeed.

A curiosity will be the fact that the player can enter even inside each vehicle used in the combat and take an active part in the heat of the battle.

Carrier Command 2 is in development for PC and will arrive around the second quarter of 2021 for PC and Mac.

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