Canon has just patented a different camera than usual. The company seems to have taken inspiration from the Osmo line, from DJI, and crossed the concept with what it does best: cameras without mirrors. The document was detected by the portal Canon News.

The device has a rotating mechanism that allows the sensor to change its position, which facilitates the transformation of this lens into a selfie camera. This feature makes the machine a suitable solution for vlogging, for example, since it allows natural gesticulation of the wrist and hand, as well as monitoring the images in focus through a complementary screen that transmits everything that is being captured In real time.

It should be noted that there is no reference to the existence of a mechanical stabilization mechanism, such as a gimbal, so it can be ensured in another way. One of the advantages, on the other hand, is support for Canon full-frame sensors, which opens the door to superior image registration.

It should be noted that, like all other patents, it does not mean that this device will be materialized in a final marketable product. However, as Canon News points out, the company has registered five patents related to the design of this camera, which at least indicates that serious investments are being made in its development.

In the vlogging market, Canon has all its experience in the photographic industry, as well as the recognized quality of the brand’s products. However, although we still do not know the price of this device, it is likely that the brand will end up selling it a few euros above the competition, for exactly the same reason.

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