The pandemic forced many “cinematic delays” and Ghostbusters – Afterlife was one of them. The premiere date went from the summer of 2020 to the summer of this year and, while the new episode of the ghost-hunting saga does not arrive, there is this unofficial website to find out more about the film itself and the original story, in a fun way .

Get to know, right from the start, that in you’ll have lots of hidden easter eggs to discover, while browsing the content presented. And the contents range from the trailer for the new film, to the description of the weapons used throughout the ages to fight supernatural apparitions.

There is space to make known the plot that is behind the new episode and its protagonists, but also to go back to 1984, when it all started, of course. In this “chapter”, the spotlight is aimed at Stanz, Venkman, Spengler and Zeddmore, of course.

On this website created by fans of the saga, also count on a kind of mural where GIFs, memes and other “historical” images were placed.

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