Brisa invested 10 million euros in the Via Verde Electric project, a fast charging (50 kW) and ultra fast charging system (150 to 300 kW) that will arrive at service stations on highways during the next year. Altogether, 40 stations are expected to be updated with the 82 charging systems.

The project, which aims to encourage long-distance circulation of electric vehicles on highways, had BP, Cepsa, EDP Comercial, Galp Electric, Ionity and Repsol as partners, advances the Business. In this way, in the words of Brisa’s executive president, António Pires de Lima, it is intended to “break down barriers to the use of electric cars over medium and long distances”.

In this sense, the filling stations chosen to receive the electric charging systems cover 11 motorways managed by Brisa, totaling 1,100 kilometers of route. It is said that after their installation, the Portuguese will be able to drive from Valença to the Algarve in an electric vehicle without worrying about where they will supply.

Brisa’s president says that the investment is in line with the company’s priorities, with regard to sustainability, clean mobility and the fight against climate change. The advantages of the charging system are that they can be done in 15 minutes and using Via Verde’s payment system.

Brisa foresees the installation of the systems until the end of next year, phasing between the North motorway (A1), the South motorway (A2) and the connection to Spain (A6). In a second installation phase, Brisa plans to reinforce loaders in urban service areas, on the A5 in Oeiras, the A4 in Águas Santas and the A3 in Coronado-Trofa.

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