Japanese studios Kemco recently unveiled Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom, a JRPG that takes place in a medieval setting and puts the player in the shoes of a Blacksmith (Blacksmith).

The game, which has already been released for mobile devices, will now reach the larger platforms.

Developed by Japanese studios Kemco, Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom is an oriental RPG that has been released in the meantime for mobile devices.

As you can see from your Google Play, the game had a good acceptance by those who played, thus opening doors to other places.

And it looks like those other stops are going to be precisely the Xbox Series X and S consoles, Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.

Muspelheim, also called “The Sand Kingdom”

The adventure of Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom, takes place in an imaginary world of Muspelheim, also called “The Sand Kingdom” (in Portuguese, the Kingdom of the Sand).

It is a kingdom mostly composed of desert, which, because of that, has always had little agriculture. However, the kingdom grew in other aspects and became a militaristic nation, characterized by its strong army. Thus, it grew in wealth, influence and strength.

In Muspelheim, there is also a huge mercenary market, that is, strong and courageous warriors who serve the highest paying.

And it is in the capital of Muspelheim, Santburg, that Volker lives, a Blacksmith with aspirations to be much more ...

On the one hand, Volker wants to follow in his father's footsteps, also a blacksmith by profession and wants to become the blacksmith of the castle. However, on the other hand, Volker has an enormous desire to become an adventurer and discover the Kingdom and beyond.

And it is with this personal dilemma that the player takes Volker and begins his adventure, in a kingdom at war and where he will find several characters that he can hire for his group, while exploring the Kingdom of Muspelheim.

However, Volker is a blacksmith and as he explores the kingdom and completes quests and events that emerge, he will also be able to collect valuable resources for his trade. With these resources, Volker will be able to create and improve his equipment and weapons.

Some of these resources will only be obtained through defeating monsters, so combat will be important in Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom.

Turn-based combat will have many variants at play. Each character has its own Class that gives it unique weapons and abilities. These skills can be passive or active, and combat is a succession of strategic moves, the tactical component being quite important for the outcome of combats. The player can even train his party to use certain formations, with, for example, the Knights (Knights) at the front and the Wizards (wizards) at the back.

There is also a concept of Faiths (Faith) that, depending on the blessing of our characters, allows them to change their stats and give them temporary gains in combat.

Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom will be released for Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

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