If bicycle travel was already the exponent of sustainable mobility, a design student managed to make the environment even more environmentally friendly.

So, in a very simple, but cunning way, placing the filter on one of the wheels of your bicycle, can purify the air wherever it goes.

Rolloe, bicycle air purifier

Cycling and being (even more) sustainable

The most sustainable mobility option, if walking is discarded, is, of course, the bicycle. It moves through physical effort and does not release any polluting particles.

However, as the world jumps and moves forward, an English student of design, Kristen Tapping, decided to add an air purifier, made in four layers, to a bicycle wheel. In this way, cyclists will be able to clean the air from wherever they go.

As disclosed, the name filter Rolloe it could purify more than a quarter of a million square meters of air if 10% of London cyclists installed it on the front wheel.


Filter the dirty air and expel the clean

Assuming that pedaling a bicycle creates kinetic energy, it was only necessary to understand how it could channel dirty air on one side and expel clean air to the other. Bearing in mind that conventional filtration systems already use fans and turbines to pass air through filters, developing the project was not difficult.

Rolloe's filtration system

Then, the student installed a four-layer activated carbon filter, washable HEPA and luffa sponge, to clean harmful particles and gases. In addition, he made a point of making filter replacement a simple and sustainable process.

Rolloe layers

Through a pickup or courier service, used filters are sent back to Rolloe for washing, while clean filters are replaced.

The designer explained.

In fact, Kristen wants it to be possible to reward users of the filter, through credits in establishments, for example. In addition, the Rolleo filter can be purchased in bulk through molding and using a 3D printer. In the end, the filters can be recycled.

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