The Google Union Alphabet Workers Union was launched this Monday and has already criticized one of Google’s platforms, YouTube. In an open letter to company executives, the group accused the platform of fomenting fascism and of not having acted as it should after the “siege” of pro-Trump protesters to the Capitol, in the United States. However, YouTube, which removed a video where the president of the United States reiterates his “love” for the protesters, has already come to ensure that tighter measures are coming.

In a letter shared on the Twitter account, the union has no doubts in saying that the Google platform has been one of the ones that has promoted fascism in the country. “We know that social media companies have encouraged the growth of the fascist movement in the United States and we are particularly aware that YouTube, a product of Alphabet, has played a key role in this growing threat, which has had an insufficient response from YouTube executives,” can be read in the document.

It is in this context that the movement clarifies that it alerted YouTube executives to these dangers, but in vain. The Alphabet Workers Union then speaks of consequences such as suicides, mass murders, violence around the world and now an “attempted coup” on Capitol Hill.

The letter described YouTube’s response to the attack as “lackluster”. “YouTube refuses to hold Donald Trump responsible for the platform’s own rules, choosing only to remove a video instead of removing it entirely from the platform,” says the letter. The video in question was the same that Facebook and Twitter also removed, with the outgoing president of the United States demonstrating his affection for the protesters.

However, Facebook and Instagram were the social networks that acted most severely. The platforms blocked Donald Trump’s accounts indefinitely, at least until January 20.

It should be recalled that the Alphabet Workers Union emerged this week, integrating around 400 people linked to Alphabet, Google’s mother house. As a goal, the movement intends to protect group workers, society and the world, seeking to promote solidarity.

YouTube with stricter rules for users who post fake election videos

After being criticized, YouTube announced tighter measures regarding disinformation. The platform will now send an automatic first warning to any user who violates the integrity policy of the presidential elections. In this case, the video is removed and the user is prevented from posting new videos or making videos in a stream for a week. If the user receives three strikes, they are temporarily banned from YouTube.

In December, the Google platform implemented its new electoral policy in response to the growing misinformation about vote count fraud. Initially, the policy had a grace period in which users received a warning earlier, which was planned to end on January 21, the day after President-elect Joe Biden took office. In a statement, the company has already come to assure that, “due to the disturbing events and given that the election results have already been certified”, this deadline ended earlier.

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