It is no accident that Apple is one of the most innovative companies in the world. And one of the reasons for this is that the brand strives to bring the latest and cutting-edge components on the market to its products.

According to the rumors, Apple will already have reserved the first order for TSMC’s 3 nanometer chips.

TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) is the largest independent semiconductor manufacturer in the world. And it is primarily responsible for the manufacture of many equipment, such as processors and graphics cards.

With regard to chip lithography, the company already dominates the 5 nanometer segment, as well as the 7 nanometer segment. The manufacture of these chips is already in full swing by 2021, and Apple holds most of the orders for 5 nm lithography to integrate into the chips of the new iPhone 12.

But, the machine does not stop and the Taiwanese manufacturer is already focused on 3 nm chips. Its first factory for this lithography is already ready and will start production in 2022.

Apple may have already booked the first order of 3 nm chips

According to some rumors Apple has already reserved the first order of chips produced in a 3 nm lithography to TSMC. This information is from Chinese sources and states that the apple brand wants to be one of the first brands with hardware manufactured in this new process in 2022 and, therefore, further distance itself from the competition.

Currently, the Cupertino company has a 5 nm process for its A14 Bionic processor, present in the new generation of iPhones and iPads and also for the M1 integrated in Macs.

For now the information is still little. It is not known, for example, the quantity ordered or how much it will represent in the total occupation of the Taiwanese manufacturer.

What is known is that TSMC wants to launch this new process in 2022, the year in which Apple will be able to launch the A16 Bionic processor, since in 2021 the A15 Bionic should arrive.

But all of these are, for now, rumors and we will be watching for more news that may arise.

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