Apple may be preparing to launch its first foldable smarphone and new rumors make it known that two prototypes created by Foxconn at the request of the Cupertino giant have passed durability tests.

The Chinese newspaper United Daily News advances that the two prototypes, which include only the equipment’s structure and screen, have different designs. The first of the models is similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip or Motorola’s Razr, with a flexible display that can be folded. The second consists of two screens joined by a hinge, in a design similar to Microsoft’s Surface Duo.

For now, it is not yet clear whether Apple intends to launch two foldable smartphones with different designs or if it is just testing several models before reaching the final design of the new equipment. In addition to the rumors coming from the Asian production chain, a new patent registered by Apple, which reveals a hinge that can be used on a foldable smartphone.

Apple patent | Foldable smartphone hinge “data-title =” Apple patent | Foldable smartphone hinge – Apple prepares two foldable iPhone prototypes. Equipment has already passed the durability tests – SAPO Tek “> Apple patent |  Folding smartphone hinge

Rumors about the launch of a foldable iPhone have been around for some time. It is recalled that in November last year, rumors revealed that Foxconn was already testing the production of the equipment that may start to reach stores in September 2022.

The tests aimed to verify the use of OLED or Micro-LED technology on the equipment’s screen, since the choice will have an impact on the production process. Apparently, Samsung will be responsible for making the panel available for the smartphone display. The apple company will also have asked the Chinese manufacturer to test the hinges of the equipment, checking if it is possible to open and close it at least 100,000 times.

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