Recently, we showed you a new patent registered by Apple for possible Apple Glass. Now, we show you a recent record of a new technology.

Apple’s new patent could prove to be revolutionary for the keyboard, as we know it.

Apple Keyboard

Small screens on the keys

As we know, Apple registers several patents every year, leaving technologies in a water bath. Incidentally, we recently introduced you to the Apple Glass that may be in development.

Then, the last patent registered by the Cupertino company covers an effectively revolutionary keyboard. Although some modifications have been made, the appearance of the keyboards has not changed significantly over the years. In fact, what appears on each key is, as we know, static.

However, this new Apple keyboard could be innovative, as it will have tiny screens on each key, leaving each of its components in view.

Each key may have a movable element and an associated display. The control circuits on the keyboard can direct the key screens to display dynamically adjustable labels for each one. Each mobile element can be formed by a fiber optic plate.

Refers to patent.

That is, each key can be (re) configured to show anything the user wants. For example, if you use the keyboard to write in several languages, especially those whose alphabet is different, this feature can be effectively revolutionary. You will probably be able to switch between QWERTY and Dvorak keyboard, for example.

In addition, this new keyboard may open doors to new applications, whether related to games or design.

According to the patent registered in the name of Apple, the keys would be composed of glass, ceramic, polymer or sapphire.

Apple Keyboard

Is this a good bet, Apple?

In fact, we understand how transformative this new keyboard can be, whose patent was registered by Apple. However, not everything is pink and there are certain obstacles that must be added to the equation.

On the one hand, the likelihood of being compatible with old devices is very low, so anyone who wanted to use it would have to purchase a new device. On the other hand, let us remember that, in 2015, Apple failed an attempt that included introducing butterfly keys to MacBooks. Hence several problems and, consequently, several complaints from consumers.

However, only with time will we better understand the whole concept of this new Apple keyboard, as well as its real applicability and effectiveness.

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