This year is marked by several issues that involved Apple and its commissions charged to App Store developers. However, Tim Cook’s company was not indifferent to criticism and a few weeks ago promised to lower the percentage charged on app purchases.

Some developers are already realizing that Apple is already charging a lower commission on sales at their applications.

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Apple cuts commissions to 15% for some developers

In November, we realized that Apple adjusted the commission schedule to be paid to developers who had the least revenue. According to the Cupertino company, the App Store Small Business Program would put the commission at 15% for programmers who earned up to $ 1 million in revenue during the previous year.

As planned, the change from 30% to 15% was expected to take effect on January 1, 2021. However, according to some developers, Apple is already charging a lower commission on App Store sales .

One of the testimonies was given by programmer Aditya Rajveer, from the Marvis app on Twitter. Rajveer noted that he is now receiving $ 5.09 for an application that costs $ 5.99. So, after all, the amount withdrawn for the store owner corresponds to the 15% commission.

So it might be a Christmas gift, but there are already several programmers to account for this important change.

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