Apple currently has several court cases that seem to be taking different directions. Unlike other years, not everyone is leaning towards the Cupertino giant and its services.

A recent Florida court ruling proved Corellium right in the case that opposed these two companies. Apple was thus denied its willingness to stop the iOS emulation service that this company provides.

Apple Corellium court iOS decision

A major defeat for Apple

This case started in August last year and Apple is trying to stop Corellium from providing its emulation service for iOS and other Apple systems. The company claims that these are illegally making use of iOS, as it runs off the iPhone.

The idea of ​​this scenario is to give researchers the possibility to evaluate iOS and thus discover flaws or problems in this system. Through virtualization they can interact with the system in another way, monitoring processes and interacting with the system's apps.

Apple Corellium court iOS decision

Court ruling in favor of Corellium

It is new The court's decision overturns Apple's intent and paves the way for Corellium to continue selling its service. Judge Rodney Smith based his decision on the so-called “fair use”, because the solution was “transformative” and helped investigators to discover problems on iOS.

Apple's arguments about the fact that Corellium has a commercial service also failed to convince the judge. This certainly does not prejudice your defense of fair use, especially if you consider the public benefit that this solution brings.

The judge also dismissed Apple's argument that Corellium acted in bad faith by selling its product indiscriminately, and by not requiring the failures to be reported. He argued that the company did not enforce these rules in its own Bug Program.

Despite this defeat, Apple can still pursue a second lawsuit against Corellium as well. In this allegation, to create this software, important iOS security measures were circumvented, implemented by the Cupertino giant.

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