Tesla is currently one of the most valuable automakers on the stock market. It has already surpassed many of the more traditional brands and has made its way in a unique way, with its proposals for electric cars that conquer the market.

Anything associated with Tesla appears to be an opportunity that seems impossible to miss. However, Apple may have had a moment of failure years ago. According to Elon Musk, a deal for the sale of his brand did not take place, because Tim Cook rejected a meeting.

Tesla Elon Musk Apple bought meeting

Could Tesla ever be sold?

Although it doesn't make sense these days, the idea of ​​Tesla being sold has come up several times on the company's horizon. In less positive moments, it is normal for analysts to welcome the transfer of control to a larger company and to venture into this area.

It is here that the possibility of Google or Apple to buy Tesla, and thus materialize their projects, is always pointed out. It would be a simple way to enter the market and have a complete and assembled structure, to evolve.

Reunion blocked this deal with Elon Musk

Because the strong man at Tesla revealed yesterday that this scenario was, after all, much closer to being realized than previously thought. In the troubled and blackest days of the Model 3 launch, Elon Musk wanted to sell Tesla and tried to contact Apple for that.

The idea would be to sell the brand to the Cupertino giant and expect it to continue the Tesla project. The problem is that Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, showed no interest in that same meeting. The price would have been ten times lower than current prices, with Tesla reaching market highs.

Tesla Elon Musk Apple bought meeting

Apple did not buy and today may be sorry

This revelation by Elon Musk appeared on his favorite communication channel. It was in a Publication about the supposed revitalization of the Apple car project that the information was made known and that thus makes this position of the brand public.

It is almost unthinkable today for Tesla to change hands, but the right moment seems to have been the launch of the Model 3 and all the problems that existed at that time. Apple would have made a purchase that today would be worth 10 times more, further increasing the company's capital, having today the basis for your car.

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