According to the Reuters agency, Apple plans to launch its first passenger vehicle in 2024 using its own technology, which could “dramatically” reduce EV battery costs. The project, already referred to several times by American technology and codenamed Project Titan, now seems to be seeing its efforts renewed, and the development will have started in 2014.

The vehicle will incorporate autonomous driving technology and a battery with a single-cell design that allows to increase the capacity of each individual cell, increasing the space available in each set. This may allow you to include more battery packs in the same space, resulting in greater autonomy.

Apple will also be developing a new chemical mixture for its batteries using LFP (Lithium and Iron Phosphate), which can prevent overheating of the cells, with all the advantages that this implies in terms of safety.

During this year it became public that Tesla is also considering switching to this type of battery, reducing the use of cobalt in order to reduce costs and increase the level of safety.

Like other consumer electronics products from Apple, production of the Apple Car should also be delivered to a partner manufacturer. 2024 is the target, but Reuters sources admit a delay until 2025 due to the unexpected pandemic situation.

The project is handed over to Doug Field, a former Apple hardware engineer who the company was rehiring from Tesla in 2018.

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