The games mark the proposals for applications for Android and iOS this week, including one designed to streamline the afternoons or evenings spent with the family and where you can put everyone in command of a spaceship.

But that is not all: there is also a game that puts you in the role of a special forces sniper, another that challenges you to make virtual buildings, as well as a futuristic evolution of the “wall-shooting” genre inspired by classics like Arkanoid and Breakout.

Did you take advantage of Christmas to dedicate yourself to family photoshoots and want to give your photos a more professional look before putting them, for example, in a virtual album? We also bring an app for you.

TikTok also surrendered to the popular “rewind” fashion of other online platforms and through its latest functionality you can review some of the moments that marked your year in the application.

Get to know this week’s proposals in detail

Sniper 3D Assassin puts you in the shoes of a special forces sniper

In this sniper simulator, you have to shoot down the designated targets, even indirectly, mixing aim, skill and imagination.

As a member of Black Ops operatives, you will have to complete missions and contracts focused on finding and eliminating dangerous targets. But the targets are always at considerable distances, forcing players to zoom in with the telescopic sight of their shotguns and maintain tranquility when shooting, because just a little hesitation is enough to miss the target.

It does not always need to target the enemy in order to shoot it down, indirect eliminations also count, for example, destroying the propeller of a helicopter or other elements that make it possible to nullify the terrorists. The game tests the player’s aim, such as being able to target a terrorist who is aiming a gun at a hostage, without hurting the prisoner. Whenever it fires, the camera switches to the cinematic view of the bullet, until it reaches the target.

Before missions, players must purchase special ammunition, as well as medical kits to recover energy during combat, if targeted. When completing the missions you will also collect money, which will be used to improve the arsenal and acquire new “gadgets” for the missions.

You can download free Sniper 3D Assassin on devices Android and iOS.

Year on TikTok: record your 2020 in the app

Do you know what are your favorite effects or the viral audios you’ve heard most? Year on TikTok is a kind of Spotify Wrapped that will help you remember the most popular content in the app in recent months.

2020 was a bad year for mankind, but perhaps TikTok will keep fond memories of the past few months. Despite the feud with the American executive, who repeatedly threatened the company with its suspension from the USA, this was the year that the social network consolidated itself among the masses. And after the journey that glued everything and everyone to the platform, it wants to give you a perspective on what your year was like at TikTok.

This is the first time that the social network has launched a recapitulation feature, similar to what Spotify Wrapped is. With “Year on TikTok”, you will be able to review some of your favorite videos, as well as some statistics of your interactions with the platform’s content (favorite effect, date you registered with the app, most heard audios, etc.). If you have just started using the app, “Year on TikTok” will introduce you to some of the most popular TikToks of the year.

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The social network also encourages you to share your statistics online, giving you a special badge if you do.

Note that to have access to this feature, you will need to ensure that you have the latest version of TikTok installed. The access icon will appear in your “Discover” feed as soon as it is available.

This is a way to generate buzz on social networks around TikTok itself. The idea of ​​”recap” a year of interactions with a given platform is a way to remember ourselves, so it becomes almost inevitable to share these contents with friends and family, even through direct communication channels. And in markets like the North American, ByteDance, the company responsible for TikTok, the app needs all the good publicity possible.

The app is available for free download for Android at Google Play and iOS on the AppStore.

Easily remove background from photos and give them a professional touch with PhotoRoom

PhotoRoom promises to be an authentic photo editing studio in the palm of your hand. One touch is enough to automatically eliminate everything that happens in the background of an image, with the possibility to transform and adjust it according to the needs of your projects.

It is true that not all of us are “masters” of image editing, but there is an application created especially for those who are content creators or who own their own online store that promises to help give a more professional touch to the photos taken and remove the background of images more easily.

With PhotoRoom, just one touch will automatically eliminate everything that goes on in the background. In addition, you can choose a background of your choice that highlights your project, with the possibility of adjusting small details and aspects such as lighting.

To give more grace to your photographs, the application also offers the possibility of making collages, adding logos and virtual stickers. If you lack inspiration, you can always choose one of the more than 1,000 models offered.

PhotoRoom is available for both Android, from Play Store, as for iOS, on the App Store. Although it is free, the application has a Pro version, which has more advanced and targeted features, for example, for those who have their own online business.

Control a spaceship with friends and family in this game and get ready for some “noise”

At SpaceTeam everyone gives and receives voice instructions, whether they are in the same house or not. With a maximum of eight players, the noise can really increase, but also the fun and adrenaline.

Who never wanted to try to command a spaceship? With the SpaceTeam game, you can only do it as a team, by giving and receiving instructions from other players, with a clear challenge: trying to “survive” the experience full of obstacles in a certain amount of time.

With a minimum of two players and a maximum of eight, the game allows you to explore the adventure with friends or family in the same room, as long as they have installed the game and the same Wi-Fi connection. You can also choose to be “connected” to the rest players via Bluetooth or mobile data.

If you want to play with users who are not close to you, you always have the chance to use video and voice chat. In that case, you must install the Bunch app.

With these conditions in place, players are virtually in the waiting room. This is where you prepare yourself “psychologically” for the challenges that come and for the possible screams that you can hear.

All players receive and give instructions and the idea is to make the spaceship survive the journey as long as possible, as it has a timer. However, for this, the team needs to be well coordinated and an asteroid or black hole will not facilitate this task, and the levels will also fight.

Each player will receive command instructions only through the voice of one participant of the game at a time, without having access to any type of information written on the screen. Only the player giving instructions knows what needs to be done.

The app is free and available for iOS and Android, but it also has a paid version.

Build worlds piece by piece as if playing “legos”, only on your smartphone or tablet

The free game Construction Set has been gaining popularity by allowing to recreate the famous Lego experience “virtually” on mobile devices.

In Construction Sets a set of pieces is presented with which you will have to build a certain element. As usual, things start off easy and get more complicated as you progress through the levels.

Follow the guide that appears on the screen and start creating your masterpieces, but in the form of detailed 3D models. The principle is the same: find the right piece to fit and contribute to the final result of the construction.

It has dozens of sets and over 200 blocks to interconnect differently, and create from human figures to complex vehicles, with the Statue of Liberty, a medieval castle or the interior of a spaceship in the middle.

You can also count on details that reflect the “real experience” such as the opening of the box and bags, or even the optional vibration that replicates the “click” of the block fitting.

The game Construction Set is free with ads and can be downloaded in Android and iOS version, respectively, from Play Store or the App Store.

Hyperforma is the futuristic evolution of the “shot to the wall” genre of classics like Arkanoid and Breakout

The free game for smartphones encourages us to break the bricks in three-dimensional shapes to access the core and pass the level.

Since the beginnings of video games, the genre “shooting to the wall” challenges us to reflect and to anticipate the trajectory of the sphere, fired at colored blocks that must be destroyed. Older players certainly remember the classic Arkanoid or Breakout in which the goal was to destroy the walls, brick by brick, with a ship sliding horizontally to avoid passing the ball into the lower void.

The genre is always appealing and intuitive, but Hyperforma is an evolution from the format to a three-dimensional perspective, maintaining the simplicity and intuition of the genre. The character we control has to hacking the system, the objective being to destroy the black blocks around its core, in order to acquire its unique symbol.

But to access some nuclei, it is necessary to bypass the security systems, here represented by white blocks. And for that it is necessary to look for other codes, inserted in the destructible blocks, that offer abilities, such as detonating the adjacent bricks, for example.

In Hyperforma, instead of controlling a ship like the classics, you control the scene itself freely, dragging your finger across the screen, twirling the 3D structure to ensure that the beam hits the blocks you want, until exposing the core. Then just tap on the “Attack” action to launch the sphere in the direction you want and achieve the goal. It is a simple game to understand, but challenging to master as the levels get more complex.

You can download Hyperforma free in versions Android and iOS.

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