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In this sense, last week we asked readers about the operating system they currently have on their smartphone. And Android remains the most used… even though iOS has gained some significant ground.

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What operating system do you currently have on your smartphone?

After last week's question is finished, the disclosure of all results now follows through the analysis of the 2,867 replies obtained.

According to the votes, the Android is the operating system that the majority of voters, with 65% of the votes, use on their smartphone. In turn, the iOS Apple was the choice of 32% of our readers. O Symbian got 1% of the votes, and the remaining 2% chose 'outr0' operating system other than those on the voting list.

Interestingly, in the same question asked at the end of January of 2019, although Android continues to lead, the percentage of choices was 70%. Apple's system had already won 20% of the vote. Symbian also had 1% at that time, and 9% chose the 'other' option.

But it is already expected that Google's system will be the most used. The big reason is that it is present in an innumerable variety of equipment from different brands and for different portfolios. In turn, iOS only appears on Apple equipment. Therefore, the probability of someone having an Android is higher.

Graph results

For a better visual perception, follow the graph with the results:

If you haven't answered, tell us now what operating system you currently use on your smartphone.

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