Xiaomi has in the Mi A3 a smartphone with a great success. A very balanced hardware, associated with a very inviting price, make this equipment a best seller, especially since it comes with an Android almost free of additional apps.

This has received updates with each new version, which, in fact, have not been peaceful. The move to Android 11 seems to be happening now, but as it could be, the problems seem to be already appearing. So, avoid upgrading to this new version.

Mi A3 Android 11 Xiaomi problems update

Presented in mid-2019, the Xaomi Mi A3 followed the line of previous models. It brings together hardware that, although not top-notch, guarantees performance that pleases users. To further improve this proposal, the Chinese brand sells it at a very attractive price.

Android 11 arrived at the Xiaomi Mi A3

When it reached the market, the Mi A3 brought Android 9, in its Android One version, which over time has been updated. After the previous update, which was not without problems, now comes the final version of Android 11, to give you even more features.

With 1.4 GB, this aggregates all the news that Google presented in September, when it unveiled the new version of its mobile operating system. Even though it is version One, the improvements are present and make this version much better and mainly safer.

Update brings the first problems

Unfortunately, and as soon as this version started to be distributed, problems started to arise. This seems to be an already abnormally repetitive pattern on Xiaomi and especially on Android versions aimed at the Mi A3.

The cases pile up on Twitter and other social networks, always revealing the same problem. After installing Android 11, the Xiaomi Mi A3 does not turn on and does not indicate charging. It features the Android logo and now has only a black screen.

After an update came up in July that brought problems to this smartphone, this is yet another bitter news from Xiaomi. It is expected that this problem will be resolved soon, and that the update will, however, be interrupted. Until then, resist the temptation to install it.

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