Undoubtedly, AMD is clearly growing and has become a priority choice for many users. With regard to processors, many consumers already choose computers with components from AMD, instead of those from Intel.

Thus, according to the latest data, AMD has now overtaken Intel in the CPU market for the first time in 15 years.

Our readers recently voted for AMD as the best processor manufacturer, with 51% of the vote. Second was Intel, chosen by 43% people.

This result is not surprising, as the brand has gradually gained ground. Both in terms of processors, as well as graphics chips.

AMD beats Intel in the CPU market in 15 years

According to new research by PassMark, AMD is doing well in the desktop processor market. According to the findings, the manufacturer won more users for its CPUs than Intel for the first time since 2006. It should be noted that these figures refer to users who have performed benchmark tests with the equipment of the two brands.

Processor manufacturer Ryzen registered a higher share than Intel on the morning of January 4, 2021. In concrete numbers, AMD managed 50.8% of the tests with its chips, against 49.2% of its rival. On the 5th, Intel achieved 50.1% and AMD 49.9%.

But even if these values ​​do not correspond to the entire world population, it is possible to see that the trend is an approximation of the two manufacturers. And you can clearly see AMD's evolution because in the beginning of 2017, Intel had 76.6% of the market, having dropped to 50.1% now in 2021.

On the other hand, in the global market, where all CPUs are included, Intel shows a much higher advantage, with 61.2% against 38.8% for AMD.

If we look only at the laptop segment, then the distance that separates the two manufacturers is even greater. Intel clearly dominates the market with 82.7% of the processors in these computers, and AMD has 17.3%.

Finally, in the server segment, which is Intel the 'owner of all this', with 99.2% against just 0.8% of the competitor.

These data then relate to the benchmark tests carried out using the PassMark tool. In this sense, they should be seen as representative of the computers in use and not of sales throughout the year.

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