The year 2020 will certainly go down in history. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many changes and the strengthening of many online services.

So far, the SNS24 has answered more than 3.670 million calls in 2020, more than double that of 2019.

Altice will continue the exploration of the SNS24 line for another three years

SNS24 with more than 3,670 million calls answered in 2020

The president of Shared Services of the Ministry of Health (SPMS), Luís Goes Pinheiro, highlighted the responsiveness of the SNS24 line in a 2020 marked by the pandemic of COVID-19. According to revealed data, more than 3,670 million have been served so far.

More than 3,670 million calls have already been answered in the SNS24. It is, in fact, an especially significant number, considering that last year 1.5 million calls were not even answered. Therefore, more than we have already doubled the number of calls answered in the past year and, as we know, in a context that was not regular throughout the year

Luís Goes Pinheiro, in information to the Portuguese

Altice will continue the exploration of the SNS24 line for another three years

The president of the SPMS did not fail to admit the problems registered in the first peak of the pandemic, in March, but emphasized the adaptability of the service, which in November surpassed all records, with more than 816 thousand calls answered, among which more than 38 thousand in one day.

We have more than 5,600 health professionals providing care on the SNS24 line. Some residents in the seven 'call-centers' that exist today throughout the country and others at a distance, with equipment that allows them to provide this support to the line from their homes or from other locations. This is the big difference: at the beginning of the pandemic, the number of health professionals would not reach 1,000 and today there will be more than 5,600.

The reinforcement of human and technological resources, associated with the reformulation of the system's operation, were essential, understand Luís Goes Pinheiro, to ensure the capacity to respond to people's concerns. However, in addition to the increase in the number of calls answered, the president of the SPMS also valued a higher quality of service with this increase in investment.

Regarding the immediate future, the leader of the SPMS assured that the entity is still studying the support plan for the vaccination process against covid-19, which is scheduled to start on the 27th. However, even without the collaboration models being implemented, admitted that the SNS24 “will evidently be one of the elements of support and support for the administration of vaccines” in the population.

The President of Shared Services of the Ministry of Health also said that Altice won the public tender to explore the SNS24 line for another three years. The public tender for the exploitation of the SNS24 was launched on the 7th of August and the SPMS were authorized to assume a multi-annual charge up to the amount of 36.7 million euros, constituting an increase of more than 10 million euros in relation to the value of the previous contract.

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