In the films, 2020 would be the year of flying cars and the most unthinkable technological advances. The year came, they, in fact, already exist. However, there are simpler things that can be equally innovative and effectively different.

So, we tell you that an infinite bass solo is available on YouTube, powered by an Artificial Intelligence system.


Infinite bass solo available on YouTube

The year 2020 brought many news, but it also brought a devastating pandemic that caused the instruments to touch. This year, we were prevented from visiting concert halls, as well as the festivals that we had previously taken for granted.

However, there is always YouTube that, not providing all the experience, always helps to make us miss the voices and the instruments that heat us up. So, what if we told you that you can now watch an unprecedented and infinite solo from below?

It is true! The musical group Dadabots used a recurrent neural network (RNN), in order to create a low infinite soil. In fact, the solo was available, on YouTube, yesterday, it is today and it will be tomorrow too.

Two hours of improvisation perpetuated

The musical group Dadabots responsible for the infinite bass solo, is also the mind behind a giant death metal broadcast.

For that, CJ Carr and Zack Zukowski trained the RNN with two hours of improvisation from below the youtuber Adam Neely. After a few attempts, the group limited the data set to faster beats, improving overall sound quality. According to the two musicians, the AI ​​system generates very frantic bass music.


In fact, the musical group noted that sometimes it sounds as if there are two basses playing simultaneously.

If this song is not enough for your ears, we leave you below the playlist created by Pplware with a panoply of classics that have marked (and still do).

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