Remember Waterworld, with Kevin Costner? It was a film that was taking place in a post-apocalyptic future and in which the land was completely invaded by water.

The studios of Gaijin Entertainment are developing their next title, Age of Water, a game with a story very similar to Waterworld.

Cyprus-based studios from Gaijin Entertainment (War Thunder and Crossout) have revealed that their next online game Age of Water will enter its Alpha phase soon.

It is an online game whose story has some points of intersection with Waterworld, a 1995 film, starring Kevin Costner.

A world full of water

The action of Age of Water takes place in a distant future in which the surface of the planet Earth has become just water. The seas have invaded everything and the existence of dry land is nowhere known.

The inhabitants who survived the aquatic cataclysm, live in cities built above sea level. Thanks to the ingenuity of the survivors, it was even possible to create real skyscrapers in the middle of the ocean.

It is in this totally aquatic scenario that the game takes place. The player is the captain of a vessel that he uses to travel from village to village and on his adventures.

According to what is known, there will also be plenty of pirates, who will try to steal the player's loot. Loot that will be found in the various diving missions that the player will have to carry out in the old cities, when there was still solid ground.

Whether solo or with friends, players will have an open sea for exploration full of resources and precious treasures that they can sell in the various villages that are spread out. With the money collected, they will be able to upgrade their boats and even build new ones, with new equipment and weapons.

The legend of the mainland

Like Kevin Costner's film, Age of Water will also have a legend of the existence of mainland. But… is there really?

Well, it's up to the player to discover that, but only when the game is released, sometime over the next year.

We believe that the colorful and luminous world of Age of Water, accompanied by the unusual environment in which the game takes place and added to a huge freedom of exploration will make the game captivate many players who enjoy exploring new worlds.“Explains Yuri Miroshnikov, producer of Age of Water.

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