The social network Parler, which has been suspended by tech giants like Google, Apple and Amazon, who have accused the application of not regulating violent content, may never be back online, CEO John Matze told the agency Reuters.

“It may never be. We don `t know yet [se vai voltar]”. The app that is widely used by Donald Trump supporters was banned following the attack on the Capitol last week, as it was criticized for not regulating the violent content that was shared in the application.

Still, Parler’s CEO is “an optimist”. “It may take days, it may take weeks, but if Parler returns it will be stronger”. The app has also become a popular platform among far-right movements.

Parler, which has more than 12 million users, filed a lawsuit on Monday against Amazon’s cloud computing division, one of the tech giants that banned the app after the Capitol incident.

This weekend, Amazon cut off its servers, the platform that assumes itself as a “freedom of expression” space and is therefore favored by supporters of the outgoing President of the United States for not effectively moderating violent content. .

In the interview with Reuters, Matze also said that his relationship with Amazon seemed to “deteriorate overnight”. According to the company, Amazon’s terms of services prohibit content that “encourages or incites violence against others”.

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