Yesterday news began to emerge that Apple, after some clashes of ideas with Facebook, would have lost the blue seal of verified page. It is true that this page does not show that seal. But what is the real reason?

Facebook clarifies.

After all, what happened to the verification of Apple's Facebook page?

Facebook vs. Apple

The war between Apple and Facebook started with the new iOS 14 privacy policies. In short, Apple took a heavy hit on behavior that the company considers invasive of users' privacy. Thus, in iOS 14, an option was introduced that informs and passes to the user the possibility of whether or not their movements are targeted by various companies, including Facebook.

Obviously, the vast majority of users will block this form of tracking in browsing habits.

The losses in terms of return on advertising will be high for those who depend on this type of approach and Facebook is one of those that uses these mechanisms the most.

Facebook Privacy Illustration on Apple's iOS 14

After the news spread yesterday that Facebook employees themselves were accusing their bosses of hypocrisy in conducting this case, reports began to emerge that the social network had removed the Apple verification seal.

Before being a verified page, you must initiate the order

In fact, Apple's Facebook page has no verification stamp. But the truth is that it never had either. The apple company has several pages of its services verified, such as Apple Music or Apple TV, but the Apple page has never been verified.

This is because, simply, the company never initiated the verification request process.

This information was given by Facebook itself, as explained by Matt Navarra on his Twitter account, from where, by the way, the initial information that the seal would have been removed came from.


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