Nowadays we can easily access another machine remotely. For that, it is enough that the machines are connected to the network and with communication and then we only have to use a tool that allows us this remote access.

MacOS does not have any tools for this purpose, but we can always install the Microsoft Remote Desktop app for free.

For those who have already moved to the Apple side and cannot give up access to the PCs that still live in the company and in the comfort of home, Microsoft itself helped in the task and created the Microsoft Remote Desktop.

This tool allows us to connect the Mac to any Windows computer as long as it has the remote control permission enabled. For everything to work it is necessary to know the IP addresses or name of the machines that we want to control, being able to make connections to as many machines as we want.

Main features of the Microsoft Remote Desktop tool

  • Access to remote PCs with the latest versions of Windows
  • Possibility of connection through a Remote Desktop Gateway.
  • Secure connection to remote machines
  • Connection manager
  • Streaming audio and video.

This tool is free and is essential for anyone who wants to access macOS to Windows. Recently this tool received an update that made it even more stable. If you need a tool of this type for your macOS, here is our suggestion.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

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