Huawei saw its 2019 year haunted by a war between China and the United States that had consequences for what is the future of the brand in the domestic consumer segment. After her death announced by many, 2020 showed the strength of the company and the confidence that consumers, around the world, have in it.

2020 was Huawei’s claim in many areas and it was also the year of venturing into new products.

Huawei in 2020: A strong year in hardware and the AppGallery affirmation

The best smartphones of 2020 and the claim of Huawei AppGallery

Huawei is today one of the most relevant companies in the smartphone segment and growing strongly in other areas of domestic consumption. 2020 was a year of enormous challenges for the company, but the results leave no room for doubt: Huawei came out on top.

In addition to placing smartphones with excellent performance on the market, it has also made them the best smartphones to photograph with each new generation.

But what could have been a real fiasco, ended up exceeding all expectations. The trade wars between the United States and China, forced Huawei to remove Google services from its new smartphones and, with that, the PlayStore disappeared ... Now, the solution already existed, but it had to be improved and increased. Huawei AppGallery came out as a solution and today has an ever growing collection of apps.

In the case of Portugal, for example, most national apps are already available in the store and, in our country alone, more than 2 million downloads have already been made.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro - the beginning of the AppGallery era and successors

It was in January 2020 that the first smartphone with AppGallery appeared, the Huawei Mate 30 Pro. In fact, this model had been presented in 2019, but the period of uncertainty forced the company to postpone its launch. It cannot be said that this was a successful phone, however, it marked the beginning of a new Era.

After Mate 30 Pro, only with the Huawei AppGallery app store, the company's efforts have focused on improving the offer of mobile services.

Read all about the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

In March, the launch of the new P line, the Huawei P40, P40 Pro and P40 Pro +, arrived to conquer the market with absolutely fantastic cameras.

The website specialized in camera analysis, DxOMark, at the time, ranked the first place for the best smartphone to photograph the P40 Pro. Nine months later, it still appears in the top 5, where two of those put themselves in the front line Huawei models are also newer.

Read the full review for the Huawei P40 Pro

With countless launches of smartphones in intermediate ranges, models of great success and that are a very balanced option between quality and price, here the year of launches culminates with the Mate line.

In October, we saw the new Mate40, Mate40 Pro and Mate40 Pro + coming onto the market. The Mate40 Pro is a strong candidate for the best smartphone of the year. Once again, in addition to all the details associated with safety, performance and autonomy, we are facing the best photo smartphone on the market, only surpassed by its “brother” Mate40 Pro +.

Huawei: 2020 is the year of AppGallery's claim - Mate 40 Pro

Here we were able to prove the photographic quality of the Mate40 Pro against another heavyweight in the mobile segment.

The Huawei AppGallery in 2020

In the beginning, when AppGallery emerged as the only option, we saw major weaknesses in the service and, in fact, it seemed difficult to compete with the competition. Today, this application store associated with the various exclusive services from Huawei presents itself as a quality option.

Huawei AppGallery has an increasing offer of apps and, in Portugal, it has established strong partnerships with some of the most important companies and entities in order to have, within the store, its application proposals.

You can better understand in this conversation the path taken by Huawei.

Still, as a final note, if there is an app that you really want to install on your smartphone outside the app store, Petal Search will provide invaluable help in directing you to the most appropriate place to download the application's APK.

Sound, a reinforcement of the segment with the best noise cancellation

This year of 2020 was also marked by the reinforcement of the brand in the segment dedicated to sound. In addition to the earbuds that received significant improvements with the launch of the Freebuds 3i and Freebuds Pro, Huawei surprised with three other products.

FreeBuds Studio appear on the market as high quality headphones, one of the best in the noise cancellation segment. In particular, they offer what Huawei calls intelligent dynamic noise cancellation, which adapts to different environments and types of use. The sound quality is impeccable, not to mention the comfort.

Huawei also took advantage of 2020 to announce Huawei Sound X, a column with Artificial Intelligence, designed to facilitate seamless interaction between smart devices.

Still in the audio universe, Huawei renewed its line of glasses with the HUAWEI X Gentle Monster Eyewear II. They are an accessory with modern design, with integrated sound technology, with touch control.

The success of the first portable computers

Huawei started out in the world of portable computers very recently, but quickly conquered the market. Namely, the national market. The Matebook D 14, Matebook 14 and Matebook X Pro are today one of the most sought after portable computers in our country and the company ends the year with 10% of the market share in Portugal in this segment.

An absolutely fantastic feat!

In addition to this, the company also has a strong partnership with Porto Editora, offering one year of virtual school free of charge to all students.

Space for Wearables

In addition to all these news aimed at the domestic consumer, in 2020 Huawei also presented proposals in the wearables segment.

The Watch GT 2e and Watch GT 2 Pro models stand out for their design and excellent autonomy, adapting to any day-to-day situation. In addition, they offer all the sports-related features required on one of these watches.

Watch Fit is a smart watch more dedicated to the sports universe, with video training demonstrations. Basically, he is a personal wrist trainer.

In summary, the year 2020, with many challenges ahead, made Huawei an even stronger brand, in Portugal and worldwide. The proprietary and unique application store proved to be a winning bet that, despite having a long way to go, is gaining followers.

It is also worth mentioning the ecosystem of services and products that communicate with each other, with strong partnerships to respond to the real needs of users.

The future looks bright for Huawei and, consequently, for the entire mobile device market. Now expectations for 2021 are set on the mobile operating system that will surely surprise the competition and consumers.

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