Microsoft is planning a “breathtaking visual rejuvenation of Windows.” Although it did not announce it publicly, that goal was set in a job application published by the tech giant, in which it announced a software engineering position on the Windows user experience team.

“In this team you will be able to work with our main platform, Surface and the original developer of the equipment to work on a rejuvenation of Windows experiences to assure our customers that Windows is back.” This is a part of Microsoft’s initial announcement.

The technology company also wrote that it intends to “ensure that Windows is considered the best experience of the user’s operating system for customers”. However, Microsoft eliminated the “eye-catching visual rejuvenation” reference early on Monday.

The latest Windows updates

While Microsoft has been promising visual updates to Windows for about ten years, thanks to the Microsoft Fluent Design System, rumors suggest that the company is planning major changes to the Windows user interface that will be released later this year.

What is certain is that in September, users who are part of the beta testing program started to experience new features in Windows 10. GIF search system and improvements in voice recognition and other features were part of the most recent updates, after the giant technology have announced a new Windows 10 Insider Preview.

Click on the gallery to see what’s new in the new Windows 10 Insider Preview announced in July 2020

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